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We Made It!

Sherwood Center moved its Special Education services on March 20, and the students came back on March 24. We're happy to announce that it was a smooth transition! We hosted an Open House at the new location on April 1 and had about 100 people visit and tour the school.

Fox 4 came out the day before for a preview! Click here to watch.

The Kansas City Star also wrote a great story! Click here to read!




Volleyball Tournament

This year’s We ‘Dig’ Sherwood
Volleyball Tournament is scheduled for
April 26 at Volleyball Beach.

Click here for more information.


Sherwood Center exists to empower children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and related developmental disabilities to maximize their potential in family and community life.

In the event of snow or inclement weather, we will announce closings on the following stations:

WDAF TV-Fox 4, KCTV-5, KSMO TV-62, KSHB TV-41 and KMBC 9.
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Sherwood Center will be announced as "Sherwood Center" or "Sherwood Center for the Exceptional Child" on the TV and radio stations listed above.

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